My experience with Viasil pills [2020] reviews 

Since I’ve read a lot about Viasil, I was hooked and had to try it 🙂 A closer look into a very very long list of nonprescribed male enhancement pills pointing on Viasil.  This one pops out by numerous consumer reviews. This review will be different because I will write about my experience with Viasil pills. Let’s take a closer look:

My experience with Viasil pills

  • Ready to go in about 25 minutes.
  • I can go all night long (never could before, not even when I was younger).
  • Noticed a huge difference is a size (size of the erected, not flaccid penis was inch and a half longer and almost whole inch in added in volume).
  • I wasn’t erected in full all night but it went from flaccid to erection in a minute whenever I wanted. It wasn’t completely down it was on a half but ready to go. I really don’t know how to explain that feeling better.
  • Amusement lasts for about 16-17 hours. I could do it any time during that period, but my wife couldn’t (she was happy with the results, to be honest).
  • I wasn’t expected to have that much confidence. That’s the pill affected my self-esteem and libido. I was in a mood like never before.
  • Side effects equal NONE.

A few more things I really liked:

There is no wail of mystery related to the manufacturer. It is clear who, and from which substances Viasil is made of. It is manufactured by Swiss Research Labs. Not some shady company, the real, proven lab.

To sum up, I can say my overall health condition is good. No sexual dysfunctions, just everyday stress, tiredness, and a loss of sexual desire. Viasil worked for me and will be used as a toy in the following years.

For those who suffer from some medical conditions I can say to give it a try and if it doesn’t work for you you can use a 100-day money-back guarantee. I don’t know how it will affect you, but on the other hand it’s formulated for men with dysfunction. So, it should be effective for you as well. If for any case it doesn’t work, simply use product guarantee. You can turn back all unopened boxes, no questions asked.

What the manufacturer says you can expect from Viasil?

  1. Prolonged, harder, fully powered erections
  2. Boosted energy to keep you up all night.
  3. No, side effects.
  4. Fast results.

From my point of view, the experience is so much better. Felt so good I want to brag about it. They should make these lines much better because it’s better. I have the best time of my life, I hope you will enjoy it as well.

How Viasil look like?

It comes in a discrete package, no marks, so no one will know what’s inside. One Box contains 10 pills. It looks pretty good and it’s blue 🙂

Now I will pass on other stuff related to ingredients, formula, and scientific part of Viasil pills.

Does Viasil cause side effects?

This is probably one of the checkpoints we care about the most. This is a huge difference when compared with other male enhancement supplements. Viasil is all-natural and side effects free food supplement.

Maybe the first thing you need to give a try before any other side effects included a medical pill can be this one.

How Viasil works?

The size of a penis is related only to blood flow and vessel dilatation. More blood flow equals a bigger erected penis. And yes, Viasil helps you get a much bigger, firmer and more voluminous erected penis in two ways:

It leads more blood into your penis during the erections. The erected penis is much firmer and a significant increase in volume and length is noticed. This is possible because of the combination of Actiful, Nitric Oxide, and higher ATP levels.

The substances incorporated in Viasil can locate and improve part od cells to increase levels of flexibility and helps repair on a cellular level. This add on improves penis flexibility and vitality. If the body cells are vital you will notice an increase in size and volume as long as you are taking it.

Sexual performance

Sexual performance is important as much as penis size and volume. It is important to set your performances to the max and there Viasil formula may help. With Viasil pills you can be sure that your performances are to the max along with libido enhanced and better endurance. More energy provided allows you to have maximal and prolonged sexual performance.

In most cases sexual health is related to overall health. Some potency pills can harm your heart and even cause serious health damage. It’s proven that one of the best natural solutions against heart artery damage is Pomegranate and guess what, Viasil has it.

Ingredients in Viasil

Citrus + Pomegranate = Actiful

Actiful is a complex of Citrus and Pomegranate which increases vitality and energy. Viasil provides energy to increase the performance with nitric oxide and citrus. Nitric Oxide is a gas your body sells produce to expend blood vessels and send better oxygen delivery into the bloodstream. Actifull works as great support for better blood flow.

Citrus Ingredient

Most of us are usually unaware of nitric oxide results. But its effects on relaxing blood vessels are crucial for the size of an erected penis. Once chambers inside the penis expended will receive more blood and grow in size during the erection. In case of low NO rates dilatation will be reduced and somewhere in the middle you will get a low erection. So the conclusion is that we need high NO levels in our system and more oxygen and only then your erection will be full.

Maybe you think that the simple consumption of Pomegranate will help, but it won’t. The amounts needed for this kind of result equals to 12 oz of squished pomegranate juice daily. The supplementation makes it much easier.

Why Pomegranate? Pomegranate has EA- ellagic acid, EA has an antioxidant, anti-mutagenic and anticancer effects on health. Pomegranate has a lot of nitrate and polyphenols. These will help your mitochondria in cells to attach more oxygen and produce new energy.

Citrus will help the body detox, cell rejuvenation, increase in oxygen,

Actiful supports and improves mental wellness, which is proved in a clinical study.

Horny goat weed (epimedium brevocorum)

The substance used from this plant is icariin (ICA). ICA regulates the lactation of PDE5 and has effects on blood flow. ICA directly increases circulation and amplifies impulses related to sexual desire. On the other hand, ICA blocks PDE5 which contract vessels and prevent maximal dilatation. That is how you will get the maximal size of the erected penis in length and volume.

Horny Goat Weed is not something new. It is used to treat all kinds of sexual issues all around the world ages ago.


We all know zinc has positive effects on the immune system in general. On the other hand most people don’t know the link between zinc and its influence on the ability to boost up cell recovery (improves regeneration) and increases sperm excretion. In this formulation, Zinc is responsible for voluminous, long-lasting, and strong ejaculation. But there is one more clinical study confirmed that Zink directly correlated with Testosterone production. If your body has Zink deficiency, testosterone production will decrease. This may be one of the causes of less sexual desire.

Ginkgo Biloba

This substance amplifies Nitric Oxide production and dilates blood vessels. Gingko is rich in flavonoids and terpenoids well-known as strong antioxidants. It also will help you feel more relaxed and your focus and sexual desire will be much stronger. Gingko will lead more oxygen in the blood in cells and helps the penis gets even bigger during erections since it allows sponge cells in a penis core to receive more oxygen. This will impact size, volume, and erection strength.

Tribulus Terrestris

The best natural inhibitor for prolonged sex drive because as an energy booster provides strength, boosting testosterone production and cuts down bad cholesterol levels. We have found some indication that even cut down blood sugar levels. Its strongest point is the ability to boost the desire for sex.

Tribulus works as the strongest natural aphrodisiac since ever because of the effects on testosterone synthesis. Tribulus Terrestris may prevent blood vessel and artery damage. Responsible for deprivation of fat in men and women on Tribulus is something we already have known and there is no need to talk more about its use and effectiveness in sports nutrition supplements.

Tribulus Terestris has positive effects in erectile dysfunction is available for the public in a form of clinical studies. This clinical study lasted for 3 months with a group of individuals on Tribulus Terestris and the second group on the placebo.


It is proven that Panax root decrease stress, improves focus, sexual desire, endurance, and makes you feel more relaxed.

Panax Ginseng root also stimulates the discharge of sex hormones and enhances blood revitalization.

Research has explained that consuming Panax in subjects with ED has a notable positive outcome. The study Erectile Function is much better after supplementation with Panax Ginseng Root. It also has a great influence on health in general by diminishing the jeopardy of stroke, prophylactic on diabetes.

Viasil Clinical studies

What I love a lot about Viasil are clinical research and clinical studies. When something is fully covered by science it gives me some kind of security. In my mind, it works as a kind of proof of efficiency and safety. I believe that is the case with all of us.  It’s clinically tested and proven to work (checked). It incorporates only clinically tested and proven natural ingredients.

What I love a lot about Viasil are clinical research and clinical studies. When something is fully covered by science it gives me some kind of security. In my mind, it works as a kind of proof of efficiency and safety. I believe that is the case with all of us.  It’s clinically tested and proven to work (checked). It incorporates only clinically tested and proven natural ingredients.

We know what is inside this supplement and there is clinical evidence about all substances included. Here is what Viasil pills completely covered up reveled by clinical studies:

  1. The erections are strong, big, and extremely hard.
  2. The erected penis is bigger in length and volume.
  3. Prolonged stamina allows you to have multiple orgasms in 24 hours.

With Viasil your ability to perform in the bedroom is 100%. Your erection will last, you will have enough stamina and hard erection. One of the things we all love about Viasil is that is it 100% natural.

Viasil by the customers!

The best commercial for every product is a satisfied customer. People regularly buying supplements and leaving there experiences and testimonials all over the internet. I’m not gonna copy/paste someone’s stories, you can click here for the user’s experiences with Viasil.

Numerous customers reported how Viasil change things in their marriage and in there live. All of them reported similar experiences, they are more joy in everyday life, sex life is like at the beginning of their marriages and generally speaking, they are happy. So, their testimonials are similar to the experience I have with Viasil. If you ask me would I recommend someone to try Viasil, you’re I do, no questions asked.

ED Supplements vs ED prescribed pills

We will take a closer look at Erectile Disfunction conditions to clarify why more natural is a better choice (my point of view).

Erectile dysfunction issues:

  1. Can’t get hard.
  2. Low sexual endurance.
  3. Low penis volume.
  4. Erectile disfunction (can’t keep on or get on erection).
  5. Delayed ejaculation or inhibited ejaculation (getting ejaculation too slow or complete absence of orgasms).
  6. Libido issues (when you have low or not having an interest in sex at all.
  7. Premature ejaculation (when you reach orgasm too fast).

If any of these above mentioned are the sexual problems you are facing every day then maybe Viasil is a solution for you. In case it doesn’t help my recommendation is to try some other more natural supplement (some different kind of formulation) before you go on the med.

Why you can’t get an erection properly?

With Erectile Dysfunction, nerves don’t interact well with your brain, and blood air flows into the corpus cavernosa sponge cells and chambers. It can happen for numerous reasons but mostly the issue comes from our head.

Viasil compared to Viagra:

We all already know about Viagra since it is the most popular. Viagra has to be prescripted by a GP, that means you can’t just get it from the pharmacy. We all know about Viagra pills but a lot of us will step back before book GP appointment due to an Erectile Dysfunction issue. A lot of people suffer from ED and there is no reason to be ashamed of any health condition at all.

Still we are all more or less familiar with Viagra’s unwanted effects on health. The most known Viagra side effects are acne, high blood pressure, blurred vision, headache, nausea, sudden vision loss, stomach issues, etc, to be clear these side effects may happen to any of us.

Side effects reported such as stroke, heart attack, etc, reported only in a man already have been suffering from high blood pressure on other heart problems. Anyway Viagra may cause a lot of negative effects on health. I’m not going to diminish Viagra effects because it’s 100% effective and you may consider taking it after GP consultation and if any other natural male enhancement doesn’t work.

Cialis is quite similar to Viagra and there is really no special reason to repeat side effects etc. It will help you with Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction.

How Viagra fight impotency and Erectile dysfunction?

Viagra is sildenafil citrate, a medical substance that will cause an erection. It should be taken from 1 to 4 hours prior to intercourse. Viagra is strong and may cause an issue called Priapism, that’s an erection that lasts over 4 hours after intercourse. If that happened you will need medical assistance right away. The constant erection can cause severe damage. One pill is for one intercourse.

With Viagra the walls of your vessels will be relaxed and blood rushes effortlessly

into the chambers of your penis that are responsible for an erection.

Viasil doing the same thing with one main difference, the way (formula) is different and Viasil can’t cause unwanted effects.

How Viasil fights ED?

Powerful fusion Horny Goat weed, Tribulus Terestris, and Ginseng will optimize your sexual health. Horny Goat Weed increases libido, stimulate the brain to start the erection.

How our body get erections?

It all starts in our head. Firstly the brain gets the info that you are getting horny. The brain uses that trigger to execrate more Nitric Oxide in the blood. When your NO levels are not adequate the erection will be very week. There Viasil kicks in.

Further, Ginko, Pomegranate Extract, and Citrus will elevate the production of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide goes to vessels and core cells inside of a penis become dilated. Dilated vessels will receive more blood for harder, bigger penis and amazing erections. With boosted nutrients and more oxygen you will end up with strong multiple orgasms.

With a lot of male enhancement products available it’s very hard to be sure from which one you will benefit the most. It is important to see the side effects list and to go over the whole ingredients list. This exactly is why I claim that currently, Viasil is Number 1 available penis enhancement pill legally available.

Soft Penis and Erect Penis

Supplements are designed as a possible more natural solution from Viagra, Cialis, etc.  Viagra and Cialis are effective, but they can cause serious side effects.

Why Natural sex male enchantment pills are better and what they can treat?

Natural enhancement pills are designed as a solution related to different male sexual issues. Some men experience issues due to low testosterone rates. On the other hand others faceup the leak of libido results in a sudden cut of erection. Some men even suffer from severe erectile dysfunction and can’t go hard on. For every problem, there is a solution. It is common to go with natural supplements first. It sounds right and for most of the man will be a good solution with positive outcomes.

Viagra has an effect on one intercourse. If you are on Natural male enhancement pills you are feeding your body inside and that effects are longer. You can have multiple erections, not just one. Of course, in case it works for you. If you suffer from severe impotence you may give it a try, nutrients can just be beneficial for your overall health.

You can use a male enhancement pill even if you just want to spice up your sex life a little bit (like me). We all know but don’t want to admit that sexual desire with the same partner decrease over time. This can get you back on the track, huge thumbs up for this add on.

The conclusion:

Why Viasil is better?

You can only benefit from Viasil, side effects free. You will not be concerned about the side effects.

The benefits you can experience from Viasil:

Rock hard penis during erection,
More confidence, better self-esteem, better performances in bed,
A lot bigger erected penis,
And the most probably recovered sex life for both of you.

Viasil Instant Erection Gel 60ml

There is a limited time offer on Instant Erection Gel for Viasil 60 ml buyers.

What is Viasil Instant Erection Gel?

Viasil Instant Erection Gel is a silky-gelatinous substance for instant erections. Used Gel with Viasil pills for maximal results. Erection Gel acts locally, apply the gel directly to the penis skin prior to intercourse. The skin will absorb it and the substance will trigger an instant erection. It will cut down the time Viasi needs to produce an erection.

What is inside this Instant Erection Gel?

L-arginine will help spread vessels, improving blood flow in penile chambers.

Imidazolidinyl urea is an antibacterial preservative, that will make you a little bit more protected.

The rest of the ingredients are different kinds of stabilization, but they are all safe for usage and will not cause any allergic reaction

Results vary between individuals – while many of our customers experience instant results with their very first use, others experience a more gradual effect which builds up with each use.

However, when you use the gel regularly in conjunction with Viasil tablets, you will see a significant improvement in the quality of your erections and your ability to perform.

There is no age limit for those who will it to try it. The only way to get it is the official Viasil store. You can find it by clicking the link bellow

Where to Buy Viasil?

Viasil is the one best male enhancement pills currently available and it comes side effects free with a 100 day 100% money-back guarantee. The package is discrete so no one will know about it. They have FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY on every order.

What you are going to get when you place the order?

Order will include free INSTANT ERECTION GEL. No matter how many pills you ordered, you will get the Instant erection gel too. Free Instant erection gel is a limited offer so, hurry up and place your order.

How much Viasil costs?

10 pills + FREE Instant erection gel costs $74,99

20 pills + 10 PILLS FREE + INSTANT GEL FREE $149,99

30 pills +20 PILLS FREE + INSTANT GEL FREE $209.99